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LQA Russian
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ProZ.com user
Registered at ProZ.com on Jan 11 '02.
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Collection Entries
en-ru 66
pl-pt 1
pl-en 1
pl-ru 1
ru-pl 1
ru-pt 87
ru-en 608
pt-ru 29
pt-en 5
en-pt 18
pt 47
fr 14
fr-ru 3
fr-en 1
ru 2
en 116
la-en 216
la-ru 55
ru-la 3
nl-ru 2
es-en 5
la-pt 116

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Readily reacting to people or events.

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This is a user profile page. Here you see their collections, stats, as well as some data from their ProZ.com profile if they are registed there.

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