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Asghar Bhatti (1100 pts)

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ilfAj kunindA mohar stamp of the scribe (English) Asghar Bhatti 
ilfAj kunindA mohar stamp of the scribe (English) Asghar Bhatti 
immediate vs. extended family nearest relative vs distant relatives (Hindi) Asghar Bhatti 
injunction (law) a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from doing or c...
juraam qablee tahveel extraditable crime (English) Asghar Bhatti 
laud Praise, glorify, or honor
majookar Mentioned (English) Asghar Bhatti 
matloon paaleecee vacillating policy (English) Asghar Bhatti 
murafaah -e sani Second appeal. (English) Asghar Bhatti 
pesh azz margh wavalaa Kasee amaar kaa pesh aanaa saa pehlaa hee parashan hoona (English) Asghar Bhatti 
Pigeon Animal Husbandry = LivestockZoology
snack Halka phulka khana (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
thkaa danee valee jang warfare of attrition (English) Asghar Bhatti 
waham it is distraction of mind;fancy;the faculty of imagination;doubtperplexity;superstition (English) Asghar Bhatti 

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