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Term/concept Concept submitter
en cada rincn ... in every single corner... (English) Monica Colangelo 
en otros tantos Monica Colangelo 
ensimismamiento The contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct
entertainment news announcer periodista del mundo del espectculo (I'm an entertainment news announcer) (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
Express yourself through your hair! Deja que tu cabello hable por ti! (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
Express yourself through your hair! Deja que tu cabello hable por ti! (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
flare Encender / Destellar / Enfurecerse (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
flippant Showing inappropriate levity
Forfend (vb) Prevenir, proteger(se) de (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
Girl Scout Troup # 479 Exploradora Batalln N 479 (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
granted Por supuesto // Es verdad que... // Es real que... (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
He would not leave me alone until we had sex No me dejaba en paz hasta lograr que tuviramos relaciones ntimas (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
hello An expression of greeting
Her teacher told her to make the largest number possible Monica Colangelo 
high-and-dry librado a su suerte (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
How is the weather in Uraguay Cmo est el tiempo en Uruguay hoy? (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
How often is (male baby's name) hungry for a bottle? Cada cunto pide la mamadera? (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
I am stressed at work Sono stressato al lavoro Monica Colangelo 
I dont know what I want to eat. No s qu quiero comer (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
i hit the ball Le pego a la pelota / golpeo la pelota (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 

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