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Insurance ENG>ESL
Insurance terminology (ENG>ESL)
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Bonita Mc Donald (1320 pts)

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actual cash value valor real en efectivo Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
actuary actuario A statistician who calculates the risks associated with the insurance and t... Bonita Mc Donald 
all-risk insurance seguro todo riesgo The most comprehensive coverage one can purchase. Bonita Mc Donald 
assured (British) asegurado The party who has or is covered by an insurance policy. Bonita Mc Donald 
bodily injury lesiones corporales An injury sustained by a person. Bonita Mc Donald 
claim reclamo Any request or demand for payment under the terms or agreements of an insur... Bonita Mc Donald 
collision coverage cobertura contra colisiones Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
comprehensive coverage cobertura integral Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
declarations page carátula A section of the insurance policy that lists information about the insured,... Bonita Mc Donald 
deductible deducible In an insurance policy, the amount that the insurer is exampt from paying i... Bonita Mc Donald 
depreciation depreciación A decrease or loss in value, as because of age, wear, or market conditions Bonita Mc Donald 
group insurance seguro colectivo Insurance purchased by a group of persons, such as the employees of a compa... Bonita Mc Donald 
health insurance seguro médico Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
insured (US) asegurado The party who has or is covered by an insurance policy. Bonita Mc Donald 
insurer asegurador The party that issues an insurance policy. Bonita Mc Donald 
liability responsabilidad civil Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
life insurance seguro de vida Insurance Bonita Mc Donald 
premium (insurance) prima (seguros) The amount paid or payable, often in installments, for an insurance policy. Bonita Mc Donald 
primary care physician médico de cabecera A physician not specialized in certain fields of illnesses. A doctor normal... Bonita Mc Donald 
reinsurance reaseguro Insuring again, especially by transferring all or part of the risk in a con... Bonita Mc Donald 

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