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Gastronomy - Gastronomia
Open collection
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Collection owner:
Paula Góes (17130 pts)

144 total concepts
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Term/concept Concept submitter
[com a] pele Cooking / Culinary Monica Villa 
Amazonian berries BotanyGastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
azcar glace Food & DairyGastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
badejo Cooking / Culinary Elisabete Cunha 
bakery Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
baking paper Cooking / Culinary china 
bass نوع من أنواع سمك البحر Gisele Brierley 
black beans Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
black-eyed peas Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
blender An electrically powered mixer with whirling blades that mix or chop or liqu...
board a thin flat piece of cut wood or other hard material used for a particular ... Paula Góes 
boiled egg Egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water
bowl Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 
bread crumb Crumb of bread; used especially for coating or thickening
cap of rump Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary Paula Góes 

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