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Finance and Business
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Term/concept Concept submitter
CCC relating to company identification numbers...? código cuenta cliente (English) Nikki Graham 
CEB CEB (Spanish) Nikki Graham 
certificado de recepción Other Nikki Graham 
Cobranza documentaria documentary collection (English) Nikki Graham 
colores corporativos corporate colours (English) Nikki Graham 
con el fin de buscar un nombre propio en el mercado nacional (in order) to make a name for itself in the Spanish market (English) Nikki Graham 
conciliación de cuentas Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
conocimiento de marca brand awareness (English) Nikki Graham 
conseguir la auditoría be chosen as the auditors/to audit (English) Nikki Graham 
cuadrar tally / coincide / balance, etc. (English) Nikki Graham 
días calendarios Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
días naturales Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
de contabilizar el costo... enter the cost (in the books) (English) Nikki Graham 
derecho de oposición right to oppose (English) Nikki Graham 
derechos sobre arrendamiento financiero assets under capital lease (English) Nikki Graham 
dimensiones de resultados performance dimensions (English) Nikki Graham 
directores dominicales nominee directors (English) Nikki Graham 
Documento Único Administrativo (DUA) Single Administrative Document (SAD) (English) Nikki Graham 
documentos comerciales Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
efecto comercial Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 

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