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Finance and Business
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año horizonte Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
abonados settled (English) Nikki Graham 
abrirse el kimono open the kimono (English) Nikki Graham 
accrual accounting Accounting Nikki Graham 
amortizado anticipadamente amortized early/ahead of schedule (English) Nikki Graham 
asientos fecha-valor Accounting Nikki Graham 
autoliquidación self-assessment (English) Nikki Graham 
aval bancario solidario a primer requerimiento joint and several bank guarantee payable on demand (English) Nikki Graham 
bóveda de disponible cash vault (English) Nikki Graham 
balance de situación Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
balance de sumas y saldos trial balance (English) Nikki Graham 
beneficio de explotación Financial Markets = Finance Nikki Graham 
boletín de cotización contribution form/list (English) Nikki Graham 
cédula sobre el país de origen certificate of origin (English) Nikki Graham 
Códigos de cuenta de cotización Accounting Nikki Graham 
capitalización del prestamo intragrupo... intragroup loan capitalization (English) Nikki Graham 
carta de porte consignment note (English) Nikki Graham 
carta de portes consignment note (English) Nikki Graham 
causas imputables reasons attributable (English) Nikki Graham 

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