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Dangerous goods
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Term/concept Concept submitter
OCTI Office central des transports internationaux ferroviaires (French) Sylvain Leray 
solid (plastics) (plastique) rigide (French) Sylvain Leray 
a-marginal marginal(aux) (French) Sylvain Leray 
acetone The simplest ketone; a highly inflammable liquid widely used as an organic...
activity concentration activit massique (French), concentración de actividad (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
adhesives adhsifs (French), adhesivos (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
ADR-Certificate/ ADR driver's training certificate certificat de formation du conducteur (French) Sylvain Leray 
Air bag inflators, pyrotechnic Gnrateurs de gaz pour sac gonflable pyrotechniques (French), infladores de bolsa de aire, pirotecnia (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
Air bag modules, pyrotechnic modules de sac gonflable pyrotechniques (French), módulos de bolsa de aire, pirotecnia (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
alcohol, flammables,n.o.s U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) abbreviation for Not Otherwise Spec... Sylvain Leray 
alphanumeric code code alphanumrique (French), código alfanumérico (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
Aluminium dross crasses daluminium (French) Sylvain Leray 
Aluminum carbide Carbure daluminium (French) Sylvain Leray 
Aluminum powder, coated Aluminium en poudre, enrob (French), polvo de aluminio, recubierto (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
Aluminum smelting by-products Sous-produits de la refusion de laluminium (French), productos secundarios de la fundición de aluminio (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 
AMYL ACETATES actates d'amyle (French), acetatos de amilo (Spanish) Sylvain Leray 

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