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Civil Engineering and Building
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'desfibración' o pérdida de masa desintegrating or losing mass (English) Nikki Graham 
(mercado de los) cerramientos building envelope / roofing market (English) Nikki Graham 
(puente de) doble tablero Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
a mano alzada free-hand (English) Nikki Graham 
a media ladera hillside (English) Nikki Graham 
índice de edificabilidad bruta gross floor area ratio (English) Nikki Graham 
índice de huecos voids ratio (English) Nikki Graham 
abujardado Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
acabado exterior Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
acceso sur a Valparaíso southern access (road) to Valparaíso (English) Nikki Graham 
acceso vs. entrada access and entrance (English) Nikki Graham 
acerado perimetral perimeter sidewalk / surrounding pavement (English) Nikki Graham 
acero al carbono Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
acero laminado en frío Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
acero tipo corten Engineering: Civil = Construction Nikki Graham 
Acta de Comprobación del Replanteo verification of variation order (document verifying readiness for construction) (English) Nikki Graham 
acta de recibo de obra certificate of practical completion (English) Nikki Graham 
acta de replanteo variation order (English) Nikki Graham 
agua bruta raw water (English), raw wastewater / raw water / influent (English) Virginia Ledesma Tovar 
agua helada (aire acondicionado) chilled water (English) Nikki Graham 

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