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Ahmad Wadan Glossary
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Her/His Majesty's Customs and Excise 턴한 햐硬한 戀束饑팔 햐信序 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
Commission 蘇顎 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
lien waivers 渴할 叛 햐蠱/坤 햐蠱 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
Nepal Bandh 텅饑 玟 枇 厓훌/텅饑 厓훌 햐玟 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
娩邈碼立 曼듰 귋㎔ⓜ 꾔꾔녪귋 irrevocable purchase (English) ahmadwadan.com 
宸戊蓍 system (English) ahmadwadan.com 
簫 癎 博練 枇 햐老悅 never back your enemy into a corner (English) ahmadwadan.com 
Acquirer (company) 動床 추戀殘 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
African Of or relating to the nations of Africa or their peoples
톼朗簫 햐춤헉 promisory notes (English) ahmadwadan.com 
All-In-one 視博 햐璉픗/햐쵯饑 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
American Dietetic Association 寞끮바듰 碼꾓끯듰 碼꾓붕겝㎔┽듰 碼꾓Y끮근듲꺳듰 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
answer A spoken or written reply, as to a question. A correct reply. A solutio ahmadwadan.com 
韶軟 硬핸 햐息率庄 adhering to islamic consensus (English) ahmadwadan.com 
ashes 鎌팬 햐쫠 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
Attitudinal loyalty 햐聯프 햐帶練 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 
贖헥 枇 庵玳 for an ulterior motive (English) ahmadwadan.com 
Australasia 쫙灼 햐磬捐爵 (Arabic) ahmadwadan.com 

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