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Soil and Environment
Open collection
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Nikki Graham (0 pts)

38 total concepts
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Term/concept Concept submitter
(suelo) arcillo limoso Environment & Ecology Nikki Graham 
(suelo) arcillo margoso Environment & Ecology Nikki Graham 
acomodación accommodation (English) Nikki Graham 
acomodado accommodated (English) Nikki Graham 
actividad exotérmica exothermic activity (English) Nikki Graham 
actividad microbiana microbial activity Nikki Graham 
actuaciones correctoras remedial action / corrective actions (English) Nikki Graham 
aggregado de suelo soil aggregate (English) Nikki Graham 
aldolasa aldolase (English) Nikki Graham 
aliciente geographical feature (English) Nikki Graham 
alisol gleico gleyic alisol (English) Nikki Graham 
amorfo amorphous (English) Nikki Graham 
análisis factorial factorial analysis (English) Nikki Graham 
análisis granulométrico grain size analysis (English) Nikki Graham 
análisis textural textural analysis (English) Nikki Graham 
andalucita andalusite (English) Nikki Graham 
anión anion (English) Nikki Graham 
apatito apatite (English) Nikki Graham 
arcilitas claystone (English) Nikki Graham 
arcilloso Environment & Ecology Nikki Graham 

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