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Japanese: Law/Patents

Term/concept Contributor
jo Law (general) kumagoro 
ADV Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
民族浄化 The mass expulsion and killing of one ethic or religious group in an area b KudoZ 
$B9k;0(B Law: Taxation & Customs Latha 
teihaku zei Law: Taxation & Customs Roddy Stegemann 
約因 Law (general) Minoru Kuwahara 
治工具 Contracts = Law: Contract yuzu 
他の適用が可能でない限り Law (general) xxxTamie 
原状回復または合意解除 Contracts = Law: Contract sasuke 
訴訟告知 Law (general) Naoko Wada 
保証金、保釈金を支払うことなく Contracts = Law: Contract sasuke 
時効、時効による権利取得 Contracts = Law: Contract sasuke 
司法警察員 Law (general) Anders Olsson 
具体化されている Government / Politics KNielsen 
書面をもって Contracts = Law: Contract Mari Hodges 
被告知人 Law (general) Akemi.T 
政府公館 Government / Politics KNielsen 
身柄の保護 Government / Politics KNielsen 
保養地での非公式会談 Government / Politics amysakata 
事件本人 Law (general) seika 

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Contracts = Law: Contract
Government / Politics
Law (general)
Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Law: Taxation & Customs

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