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... to whose acts full faith and credence are due a cuyos actos se les otorga total f� y credibilidad (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
...evidence has been duly presented in audits that the requirements of...... se ha presentado evidencia de manera apropiada en las auditor�as, de que .... (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
(This reflects) work stream / (The result of) the work stream a work stream is a set of associated activities, focused around a particula Sergio Gaymer 
�rea de influencia area of influence (English) Sergio Gaymer 
as they become due under the terms of the plan a medida que llegan los vencimientos bajo los t�rminos del plan (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy espectroscop�a de absorci�n at�mica (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
Bank Secrecy Act and Politically Exposed Persons BANKING-FINANCE (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
bathroom ceramics azulejos / cerámica para baños (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
blast oxygen furnace alto horno de ox�geno (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
Bono de horas Extra time bonus (English) Sergio Gaymer 
campos petroleros marginales marginal oil fields (English) Sergio Gaymer 
certify the same certifica el mismo (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
chip box compartimento para astillas (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
clockwise In the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock
cobrando al m�ximo tightening as much as possible (English) Sergio Gaymer 
convenios de 1a, 2a y 3a ronda 1st, 2nd & 3rd round agreements (English) Sergio Gaymer 
counterclockwise In a direction opposite to the direction in which the hands of a clock move
crown surface la superficie de la corona (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 
cut both ways quedar bien con Dios y con el Diablo (Chile, Argentina); arma (espada) de doble filo (muchos pa�ses); por punta y punta (Colombi (Spanish) Sergio Gaymer 

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