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at all material times ..op alle ter zake doende momenten.. (Dutch) shineda 
beyond what was becoming dat het niet meer gepast was (Dutch) shineda 
conch shell hoornschelp (Dutch) shineda 
debut intrede (Dutch) shineda 
draagvlak Other shineda 
full-price market Economics shineda 
fun vendor snuisterijen kiosk (Dutch) shineda 
grassroots initiative initiatieven vanuit de basis (Dutch) shineda 
Gurt Other shineda 
in one grand sweep in grote trekken (Dutch) shineda 
kaakkop Pharmaceuticals = Med: Pharma shineda 
kaakkop Pharmaceuticals = Med: Pharma shineda 
koesteren Other shineda 
koesteren (hier) hegen und pflegen (German) shineda 
koppelsgewijs Agriculture shineda 
kruisje zwickel (German) shineda 
made do schikten zich in (Dutch) shineda 
professional hospitality Economics shineda 
ripple current Engineering (general) shineda 
stadsheer Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. shineda 

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