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German: Science > Zoology

Term/concept Contributor
Junko (Winterammer) Common North American junco having gray plumage and eyes with dark brown ir KudoZ 
Zuchtbestand Term used to describe a group of animals used for purpose of planned breedi Asaphina 
Adlerwarte Zoology Bogdan Burghelea 
Bergagame Zoology periplaneta 
rostbraun / rostrot Zoology Asaphina 
Truthahngeier Common in South America and Central America and southern United States KudoZ 
Lebendtier Zoology Stephen Sadie 
Turnierpferd Zoology Asaphina 
Echse Zoology read44 
Tastfeder Zoology read44 
Messerscheide Ensis siliqua. SonjaR 
Nachtigall a song bird roxa1408 
Löffelente Freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill Personal glossary 
laut Langenscheidt schon Sirenian tusked mammal found from eastern Africa to Australia; the flat ta KudoZ 
eisbaer White bear of arctic regions KudoZ 
edelrothirsch ou edelhirsch Zoology filipa ceia 
Kulturfolger (Hemerophil) Zoology Guillaume Sperlich 
Schaufeln (daim) Zoology Guillaume Sperlich 
Verschleppung Zoology Alexandra Becker 
Buntbarsche Zoology kurica 

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