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...in addition to the X services offering games. en plus ( / en supplément) des jeux offerts par XX (French) elysee 
aufnahmehalter Support de fixation (French) elysee 
Champ de couplage Campo di accoppiamento (Italian) elysee 
handsets combins (French) elysee 
Hold Recall Timer Minuterie de rappel des appels en attente (French) elysee 
inbox is full messaggi in arrivo: casella piena (Italian) elysee 
international exchange centre international (French) elysee 
international pulse speed vitesse internationale d'impulsion (French) elysee 
main exchange central principal (French) elysee 
mixed fiber optical and electrical media ports porte miste a fibre ottiche ed elettriche (Italian) elysee 
mobile exchange central mobile (French) elysee 
Mobile exchange Central mobile (French) elysee 
Modifier place techn.(technique) modificare posizione tecnica (Italian) elysee 
ONLINE WIRED AND WIRELESSOFFICE / Residential Telephone Product Registration Question List Questionario per la registrazione in linea del prodotto, telefono con e senza filo - Utenti Business/Residenziali (Italian) elysee 
postcode checker verificatore di codici (Italian) elysee 
Searching 'category' POI along the route recherche de la catégorie point d'int?? sur le chemin (French) elysee 
start / initiation partenza / inizio (Italian) elysee 
sub address sous-adresse (French) elysee 
téléréseaux telereti / telerete (Italian) elysee 
team building consolidation de l'esprit d'quipe (French) elysee 

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