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Maria Tulbure (0 pts)

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Term/concept Concept submitter
a aprofunda Other Maria Tulbure 
a beneficia de drept de exercitiu al profesiei to enjoy the right to practise one's profession (English) Maria Tulbure 
a incheia o casatorie to enter into a marriage (English) Maria Tulbure 
a inventaria Other Maria Tulbure 
adaposturi ALA Other Maria Tulbure 
ajutor operator tehnica de calcul IT (Information Technology) Maria Tulbure 
antrepozitar warehousekeeper (English) Maria Tulbure 
asociat unic Other Maria Tulbure 
autorizaţie de construire Other Maria Tulbure 
bila neagra Other Maria Tulbure 
casare Other Maria Tulbure 
declarant Other Maria Tulbure 
iesire la rampa Other Maria Tulbure 
magazin cu autoservire Other Maria Tulbure 
medic rezident Pharmaceuticals = Med: Pharma Maria Tulbure 
Oficiul de Gospodărire a Apelor Other Maria Tulbure 
persoana aflata in intretinere Other Maria Tulbure 
poliţist de ordine publică Other Maria Tulbure 
poliţist de proximitate Other Maria Tulbure 

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