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ABS braking device Antiblokkeersysteem Transport / Transportation / Shipping Sylvain Leray 
AC airconditioning(sapparaat) System zur Aufrechterhaltung einer nicht zu kalten, nicht zu warmen und nic...
auto self-excitation valve ventiel voor directe zelfbekrachtiging Engineering (general) xxx 
brush rocker borstelbrug Engineering (general) xxx 
brush rocker gear borstelverstelinrichting Engineering (general) xxx 
burnable brandbaar Possible to burn
check valve afsluitklep Engineering (general)Transport / Transportation / Shipping Sylvain Leray 
cylinder block cilinderblok A metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine
flange-to-flange engine flens-flensmotor Engineering (general) xxx 
plasticizing-injection cylinder plastificeercilinder Engineering (general) xxx 
resin injection moulding spuitgieten van kunsthars Engineering (general) xxx 
rocker arm scharnierende arm Engineering (general) xxx 
rocker hardness schommelhardheid Engineering (general) xxx 
screw injection molding spuitgieten met schroefplasticering Engineering (general) xxx 
through flange doorgangsflens Engineering (general) xxx 
valve support flange klepsteunflens Engineering (general) xxx 
wing nut vleugelmoer Automotive / Cars & TrucksTransport / Transportation / Shipping Mariana Reinoso 

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