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Asghar Bhatti (1100 pts)

34 total concepts
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Term/concept Concept submitter
aazaab-a-zard yellow peril (English) Asghar Bhatti 
Abarat aariaee Phraseology (English) Asghar Bhatti 
Account close hone ke baad MCB bank ke pass kisi kisam ka koi koi jawaaz After closure of account MCBwill not have any kind of justification to lodge any claim against me (English) Asghar Bhatti 
ajtamahee zameer kaya taqaqaa zameer Asghar Bhatti 
bastard haramee;naa jaiz aulaad (Urdu), haramee;naa jaiz aulaad (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
censure ملامت کرنا، مذمت کرنا Maria Eugenia Roca Rodriguez 
Community Physical Infrastructure Abbadee ka fitree dhanchaa (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
delivery time is 8 weeks Waqat-a-sapurdagee aath hafta hai (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
difference between manager and administrator please see explanation (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
double coincidence wants zarooryiat ke dohree mutabqaat (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
Dunyaa Kahaan say kahaan Nikal gai hai Much water has flown under the bridges (English) Asghar Bhatti 
effusive Pur joosh taqreer karna wala;pur joosh;jazbaat say labraiz etc (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
entertainment ͡ Ȫ[see explanation please] (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
Extinctive Prescription Extinctive Prescription Asghar Bhatti 
fairy tales and animal stories paryioon kee dastaneey aur janwaroon ke kahanyian (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
Glaucoma and catarracts kala motia (Punjabi) Asghar Bhatti 
Habitual traffic offender Aidee mujram qawaneen -e-traffic[pl see explanation too] (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 
hero A man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength
Hungary Hungary (Urdu) Asghar Bhatti 

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