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Catalan: Bus/Financial

Term/concept Contributor
desgavell comptable Accounting Jeanne Zang 
conseller-delegat Business/Commerce (general) Jeanne Zang 
partida Audit = Finance xxxeugenman 
logotip Business/Commerce (general) Herminia Herrándiz Espuny 
les ratio mitjanes Economics Scheherezade Suria Lopez 
contractes programa Business/Commerce (general) Timothy Barton 
dirigir-se cap a Business/Commerce (general) Timothy Barton 
representant Audit = Finance Miquel Ferré Grau 
forat What Ms. Goshorn says when she is frustrated, pissed off, or even exceeding Sheila Hardie 
aturats Economics Timothy Barton 
deure / haver Accounting Sílvia Miranda Sánchez 
estand Business/Commerce (general) Ariadna Castillo González 
Dumper articulat Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Rodillo autopropulsat Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Mototrailla Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Tracto-camion Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Trike Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Enduro Insurance Monica Colangelo 
Tancament tecnic Insurance Monica Colangelo 
manteniment de pous Audit = Finance Miquel Ferré Grau 

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Bus/Financial specific fields
Audit = Finance
Business/Commerce (general)
Investment / Securities

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