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Term/concept Concept submitter
home theater thuisbioscoop Television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experi
image trail nalichten DVDs = Media Ellen-Marian Panissières 
Jog Shutttle snelheidsregelaar DVDs = Media Ellen-Marian Panissières 
media streaming media streaming Willemina Hagenauw 
producer eindredacteur (televisie) DVDs = Media sammi 
radio theater hoorspel Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Hester Eymers 
release office filmdistributeur Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Iris70 
remit output, produktie Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Toiny Van der Putte-Rademakers 
sample sample DVDs = Media Ellen-Marian Panissières 
solo solo A musical composition for one voice or instrument (with or without accompan
stage amplifier podiumversterker Music xxxmariette 
videocassette recorder videorecorder Прылада да запісу і прагляду відэастужак
Volume Correction volumeregelaar / volumeregeling Cinema, Film, TV, Drama xxxMemoli 

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