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Bosnian: Social Sciences

Term/concept Contributor
rezervacija Hotels = Tourism Kornelija Karalic 
autobus Hotels = Tourism Kornelija Karalic 
neposredna korist Management xxxsokica05 
neposten sluzbenik Management xxxsokica05 
dabogda Religion Larisa Zlatic, Ph.D. 
halal/halalim Religion Larisa Zlatic, Ph.D. 
Trg palih vojnika Hotels = Tourism A.Đapo 
strujanje zraka Hotels = Tourism Dina Bostandzic 
jastvo, Jastvo Philosophy Ulvija Tanovic 
Bogorodica Religion
dz. s. Religion Karen Ordanic 
Uvid Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
sklonost samoudovoljavanju Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
Gresa (pogreska) potvrdjivanja Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
kolege, drugari Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
moralno rasudjivanje Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
dugovjecnost Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
duboko promisljanje Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
dijateza-stres model Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 
bazdaren, bazdarenje Psychology Chicago-Bosnian 

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