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Bosnian: Law/Patents

Term/concept Contributor
utna Law (general) Larisa Zlatic, Ph.D. 
tar. br. OOST Law (general) A.Đapo 
linijska odjeljenja Government / Politics xxxBesmir 
garancija za kauciju Law (general) milan stankovic 
M.P. Law (general) A.Đapo 
ZON Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright marialuisa1 
Donacije za razvoj Government / Politics Karen Ordanic 
SO Law (general) kbamert 
stambeno pitanje Law (general) hrvaska 
see explanation Contracts = Law: Contract
OSTAVINSKA RASPRAVA Law (general) Dina Bostandzic 
Vodja parlamentarne vecine Government / Politics Chicago-Bosnian 
uzajamna pomoc Government / Politics Chicago-Bosnian 
lobiranje Government / Politics Chicago-Bosnian 
protivpredlagač Law (general) A.Đapo 
posmatrani/tekući kvartal Contracts = Law: Contract A.Đapo 
utživost Contracts = Law: Contract A.Đapo 
nadležnost pravosuđa Contracts = Law: Contract A.Đapo 
prekršajni nalog Law (general) Veronica Prpic Uhing 
vozačka dozvola Contracts = Law: Contract Nedzad Selmanovic 

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Contracts = Law: Contract
Government / Politics
Law (general)
Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
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