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German: Surveying

Term/concept Contributor
rekodieren Surveying Bettina Freynhofer 
umgekehrte Skala Surveying Sabine Trautewein 
Aufmerksamkeitsfaktoren Surveying lorette 
Lieferleistung Surveying Rowan Morrell 
Leistungssegmente Surveying Rowan Morrell 
profilieren Surveying cologne 
POS Surveying Gabriele Eiber (Kaessler) 
Neigung (hier) Surveying MOS_Trans 
KKK Surveying Jean-François Pineau 
Handwerker/in Surveying Alexandra Becker 
einheitliche Sicht auf... Surveying xxxBBaur 
Gebäudeeinmessung Surveying Ulrike J 
Firmenzugehörigkeit Surveying Holger Gremminger 
Störungsannahme Surveying Rowan Morrell 
objektunabhängig Surveying Rowan Morrell 
Abwicklung Surveying cologne 
Verhältnis zum Beurteiler Surveying Stefanie Sendelbach 
Umlegungsverfahren Surveying Ulrike J 
Feinnivellements Surveying Ulrike J 
(sich) entgegenstellen AccountingAgricultureArchitectureAudit = FinanceBanking = FinanceBuilding = ConstructionConstruction / Civil EngineeringContracts = Law: ContractEconomicsEngineering (general)Engineering: Civil = ConstructionEngineering: IndustrialFinance (general)GeologyInsuranceInvestment / SecuritiesLaw (general)Law: Contract(s)Livestock / Animal HusbandryLogistics = TransportMachinery & Tools = MechanicalManagementMathematics & StatisticsMechanics / Mech EngineeringReal EstateScience (general)SurveyingTax = Law: TaxTrains = TransportationTransport / Transportation / Shipping xxxeugenman 

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