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Russian: Medical (general)

Term/concept Contributor
опорно-двигательный Medical (general) kiska 
Emergency Response Division Medical (general) Doroteja 
randomized controlled trial Medical (general) Viktoriya Gorobinskaya 
- Medical (general) protolmach 
bytovaia korruptsiia Medical (general) bgranger 
нозоформа Medical (general) bgranger 
sub'edinichnyi Medical (general) bgranger 
комплаентность Medical (general) bgranger 
fermenty pecheni Medical (general) bgranger 
UZK reanimac. Medical (general) Lucia Baldi 
ВИЧ The virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS); it repli
per patient Medical (general) Alexander Onishko 
- Medical (general) slavist 
ПСА A protein manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland; PSA is produced KudoZ 
тимомегалия Medical (general) Fernando Muela Sopeña 
фенилкетонурия болезнь, синдром Феллинга
ретикулоцит Medical (general)
пиелонефрит Inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis caused by bacterial infection KudoZ 
операционная A room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations KudoZ 
вспомогательное вещество An inactive ingredient added to a drug (ie, in pill form) to dilute it or t Terejimenez 

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