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About Wikiwords.org
Wikiwords is a collaborative project to create a dictionary of all terms in all languages with definitions and example sentences. It is maintained and sponsored by the professional translators of ProZ.com.

The Wikiwords approach

The Wikiwords schema is built around concepts, not term strings.

For example, a dog is a concept. It can be conveyed in the English language with more than one term (such as dog, doggie, etc.). In Wikiwords, these terms are linked to the concept of a dog, as well as other terms in other languages that convey this same concept. Similarly, definitions and fields are also related to concepts. The diagram below summarizes the Wikiwords schema.

It is very important that all contributors understand this concept based system before contributing.

How to contribute to Wikiwords

Adding new content to Wikiwords is easy.

Simply click "Add new language" to add new terms, definitions and/or example sentences in a new language. To add content in an existing language, click "Add" next to the language. Adding the part of speech and fields to a concept are equally as easy. Images can also be added to a concept using the link found on the right side of the page.

To receive recognition for your contributions, register and login (if you haven't already).

Work with others

Discuss a particular concept with other users.

At the bottom of every concept page, there is an area where the concept can be discussed. This is where any issues that arise that have to do with the concept can be resolved.

Collections of concepts

Maintain a specialized collection of concepts.

You can maintain collections of concepts for your own private use, or to help organize and maintain Wikiwords. Your name and picture appear at the top of all of your collection pages.


Wikiwords was created and is maintained by ProZ.com.

Translators have been helping each other translate difficult terms on ProZ.com using the KudoZ network since 1999. Many of these translations have been entered into a browsable glossary of terms called the KudoZ Open Glossary (KOG). Created in 2003, the KOG now has term translations in over 900 language pairs. Wikiwords aims to be an extension of the KOG by making it available to a wider group, making it easier to grow.

Wikiwords started off with imports from KudoZ, the KOG and Wordnet.

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