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Japanese: Geography

Term/concept Contributor
$B%O%$%k%V%m%s;T(B Geography Yoshio Omata 
$B%0%m%9%H%i%C%W;T(B Geography Yoshio Omata 
$B%U%#%i%O(B Geography Shinya Ono 
大シカゴ都市圏南部 Geography tsai 
240国道 Geography Naikei Wong 
ハイガー Geography Yoshio Omata 
アセオセ Geography Katalin Horváth McClure 
セドラレス Geography jackamano 
コルベイユ・エッソンヌ Geography jackamano 
ザールブリュッケン Geography Minoru Kuwahara 
陸の松島 Geography conejo 
(海洋)火山島 Geography Takako Whilden 
オハイオ A midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region KudoZ 
に求められる Geography Kurt Hammond 
イタカ島 A Greek island west of Greece; in Homeric legend Odysseus was its king KudoZ 
寺町通松原下ル植松町 Geography Katalin Horváth McClure 
ジュキア Geography Mike Sekine 
Fuinrando Republic in northern Europe; achieved independence from Russia in 1917

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