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Japanese: Engineering (general)

Term/concept Contributor
together with Engineering (general) Mitsuko 
$BEBG<(B Engineering (general) Linda Hata 
電容量性の補償 Engineering (general) Miho Campbell 
リグ [蒸気]ボイラー Engineering (general) wakako 
避難ハッチ Engineering (general) wakako 
降伏点 Engineering (general) sasuke 
加工芯 Engineering (general) Mitsuko 
両丸 Engineering (general) conejo 
ベアリング押工 Engineering (general) conejo 
附号 Engineering (general) conejo 
接地角型コンセント Engineering (general) conejo 
ドウエルタイマー Engineering (general) conejo 
ワーク回転モータ Engineering (general) conejo 
同梱 Engineering (general) Katrin Hollberg 
コンリンク Engineering (general) Katrin Hollberg 
ならい支軸 Engineering (general) wakako 
ハンダゴテ、はんだごて Engineering (general) conejo 
ボールオンディスク型摩擦試験機 Engineering (general) conejo 
ペンチレス(研磨用機械) Engineering (general) amysakata 
油圧機 Engineering (general) amysakata 

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