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German: Engineering (general)

Term/concept Contributor
Falzklemmen Engineering (general) crisgracit 
Absperrhahn Engineering (general) Thilo Santl 
Ventilsitz Engineering (general) Heike Reagan 
Einsteckschloss Engineering (general) Heike Reagan 
Gegengewinde Engineering (general) Sandra Almeida 
Griffmechanik Engineering (general) TransHorn 
Turbinenkraftstoffmessung Engineering (general) Heike Reagan 
Wasserentsorger Engineering (general) Erin McGann 
elektrodiert Engineering (general) TransWolf 
Bedienen und Spannen Engineering (general) nadmace 
Erstellen der Zeichnung Engineering (general) italia 
Einleiter Engineering (general) Laurina 
Gegendruck A pressure in the opposite direction italia 
Informator Engineering (general) xxxMANGOLD 
Tropfenerzeuger Engineering (general) Chinmayi Sripada 
Einlagerung Engineering (general) Patricia Will 
Absteckungsprotokoll Engineering (general) martina1974 
Kantine Engineering (general) martina1974 
Kammverschluss Engineering (general) Lisa Hoggard 
change of use Engineering (general) Claire Cox 

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