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Engineering: Civil = Construction
Croatian (792)
Arabic (9)
Catalan (24)
Czech (3)
German (48)
Duala (1)
Dutch (195)
Greek (2)
English (9294)
Spanish (2223)
Finnish (21)
French (24)
Indonesian (2)
Italian (351)
Latvian (27)
zzz Other zzz (56)
Polish (120)
Portuguese (5649)
Romanian (50)
Russian (60)
Sinhala (Sinhalese) (1)
Slovak (30)
Swedish (18)

User collections associated with the Engineering: Civil = Construction subfield
Arabic by amaliacos11
Glosar tehnic român-englez by xxxeugenman
Heizrippe by Andrea Wiethoff
Tech by Claudia Alvis

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