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Russian: Business/Commerce (general)

Term/concept Contributor
оценивают возможность Business/Commerce (general) peterinmadrid 
cost and freight Business/Commerce (general) Andrew Vdovin 
старший продавец Business/Commerce (general) xxxCateA 
siehe unten Business/Commerce (general) vital_stan 
управлять Business/Commerce (general) Brenda Joseph 
без ограничений Business/Commerce (general) trujimana 
специалист по топливу Business/Commerce (general) María Emilia Meini 
земельный расчетный Business/Commerce (general) Maximova 
франко - завод An Incoterm taht means that the seller X has the goods ready for collection
франко-завод An Incoterm taht means that the seller X has the goods ready for collection
Executive in Charge Business/Commerce (general) Alexey Ivanov 
Kalendarnykh dney Business/Commerce (general) Magister 
Metric Ton Weight Business/Commerce (general) Stanislav Osadchiy 
накладная An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered KudoZ 
Arbeitswert Business/Commerce (general) vital_stan 
Cross-Border Margin Pooling Business/Commerce (general) Stanislav Osadchiy 
dogovor na perepravu Business/Commerce (general)
ustnyi dogovor Business/Commerce (general)
Canon North-East Business/Commerce (general) Alexander Alexandrov 
инкотермс An international sales term widely used throughout the world, divides trans Aida González del Álamo 

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