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Japanese: Botany

Term/concept Contributor
u no hana Botany Tuncay Kurt 
kaido Botany Ryszard Matuszewski 
四つ葉[四葉]のクローバー Botany
黒薔薇 Botany
u no hana Botany Tuncay Kurt 
キングサリ, 黄花ふじ Botany Ryszard Matuszewski 
ニセアカシア Botany Ryszard Matuszewski 
cheese plant Botany Mary Murata 
kawariharatake Botany Will Matter 
庭園 (te-i-en) Botany
ヒヨス Botany LEXICON KK 
忘れな草 Botany Satoh 
牡丹 Botany Satoh 
水連 Botany Satoh 
水仙 Any of numerous varieties of Narcissus plants having showy often yellow flo
ひまわり Botany Satoh 
スミレ Botany Satoh 
This genus includes many of the plants previously classified under chyrsant Satoh 
ディル Aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used a KudoZ 

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