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Catalan: Art/Literary

Term/concept Contributor
tambor de capçals Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Herminia Herrándiz Espuny 
impressió d'adreces Graphic Arts = Photo/Imaging xxxmariaje 
adreçador de trama Clothing = Textiles Lavinia Pirlog 
mullat Clothing = Textiles
casa de préstecs Children's Literature = Poetry & Literature Scheherezade Suri Lpez 
destral, destraló History
solo Part d'una composició musical tocada per un sol instrument o cantada per un...
camera estenopéica Graphic Arts = Photo/Imaging Martin Moore 
carlà Тhe governor of a castle. Berni Armstrong 
Fet a Mèxic Clothing = Textiles Barbara Andruccioli 
recital M ANGL Execució d'una sèrie d'obres musicals a càrrec d'un sol intèrpret.
Capçalera The heading or caption of a newspaper article elrubio 
Titular The heading or caption of a newspaper article elrubio 
llana verge Len nguyên chất Manuela Boccignone 

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Art/Literary specific fields
Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Children's Literature = Poetry & Literature
Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Clothing = Textiles
Graphic Arts = Photo/Imaging

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