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Bulgarian: Tech/Engineering

Term/concept Contributor
àäàïòîðíà ñòîéêà Electronics / Elect Eng Maya Todorova 
bulevi promenlivi Computers: Software Spark 
газификация Energy / Power Generation Stefan Savov 
Web Project Room IT (Information Technology) Maya.P 
demi-arbre Automotive / Cars & Trucks Mila Gueorguieva 
arhitekt - proektant Architecture
спам Unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)
hiperlink A hyperlink (often referred to as simply a link), is a reference or navigat Claudio Chagas 
hiperlink A hyperlink (often referred to as simply a link), is a reference or navigat Claudio Chagas 
Ламарина Sheet of metal formed into a thin plate
Engineering (general) Maya Todorova 
напречна връзка Computers (general) Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva 
абонатен пост Internet, e-Commerce Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva 
пропусквателна способност Internet, e-Commerce Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva 
дограма, PVC-дограма Engineering: Industrial Rich007 
разпробиване Building = Construction A. Petrunova 
втулка, компенсираща/поемаща опъването Electronics / Elect Eng A. Petrunova 
гайка (на колелото) Engineering: Mechanical = Mechanics Anelia Dobreva 
плаващо стъкло Engineering: Industrial Anelia Dobreva 
сатинирана стомана Engineering: Industrial Anelia Dobreva 

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Tech/Engineering specific fields
Astronomy & Space
Automation & Robotics
Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Building = Construction
Ceramics = Materials
Computers (general)
Computers: Hardware
Computers: Software
Computers: Systems, Networks
DVDs = Media
Electronics / Elect Eng
Energy / Power Generation
Engineering (general)
Engineering: Industrial
Engineering: Mechanical = Mechanics
Engineering: Nuclear = Nuclear
Internet, e-Commerce
IT (Information Technology)
Oil & Gas = Petroleum
Paper / Paper Manufacturing

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