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Glosar economic RO>EN
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Collection owner:
Maria Tulbure (0 pts)

25 total concepts
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Term/concept Concept submitter
act adiţional Economics Maria Tulbure 
asociatie cu scop non-lucrativ Economics Maria Tulbure 
asociatie non-profit Economics Maria Tulbure 
cont de profit si pierdere Economics Maria Tulbure 
cosul minim de consum lunar Economics Maria Tulbure 
debitor cedat Economics Maria Tulbure 
desfiintare closing down, closure (English) Maria Tulbure 
dobanda la termen Financial Markets = Finance Maria Tulbure 
dobanda la vedere sight interest (English) Maria Tulbure 
dobandă bonificată Financial Markets = Finance Maria Tulbure 
franco-consumator post-paid price (English) Maria Tulbure 
imputernicit pe cont Financial Markets = Finance Maria Tulbure 
incapacitate de plata after insolvency partner will be removed Maria Tulbure 
inclinatie, propensiune A natural inclination.
istoricul plăţilor Financial Markets = Finance Maria Tulbure 
manoperă Economics Maria Tulbure 
normativ staff headcount (English) Maria Tulbure 
normativ de personal staff headcount (English) Maria Tulbure 
procedura de încadrare în grade de invaliditate Economics Maria Tulbure 
scrisori de bonitate Economics Maria Tulbure 

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