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Romanian: Marketing

Term/concept Contributor
notorietatea produsului Advertising / Public Relations Bogdan Honciuc 
desfasurare (desfacere) Marketing / Market Research Cristiana Malinas 
metoda comparatiei directe Land = Real Estate Mihaela Roman 
(lista cu) trucuri Marketing / Market Research Mihaela Roman 
active de calitate Marketing / Market Research catalina savu 
oameni de rezultat Marketing / Market Research Adriana Sandru 
mica publicitate Advertising / Public Relations Bianca Fogarasi 
pret de raft Marketing / Market Research Florin Hulubei 
teren extravilan Land = Real Estate
materiale promotionale Advertising / Public Relations AMES 
detailist Marketing / Market Research Laura Genescu (Briciu) 
treptat Marketing / Market Research Laura Genescu (Briciu) 
tarla Land = Real Estate ANCA NEGESCU 
antreprenor Land = Real Estate xxxvaradinum tr 
bonuri de folosinta Marketing / Market Research cameliaim 
ţigară iute Retail Ioana Costache 
administrator general Marketing / Market Research
mijloace fixe Land = Real Estate Irina Adams 
publicatie Advertising / Public Relations Cornelia Serban 
elaborarea politicii(-lor) Marketing / Market Research

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