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Chinese: Linguistics

Term/concept Contributor
~{2nRl~} Linguistics methrinia 
Zhongguo Linguistics Maria Eugenia Farre 
jing3che1 Linguistics
Guopan Linguistics
luo2te4wei3er3quan3 Linguistics
Chaozhou hua Linguistics Kardi Kho 
音韵学 Linguistics Chinoise 
处理日常琐事 Linguistics Naikei Wong 
版本: Linguistics Jianming Sun 
计算语言学 The use of computers for linguistic research and applications
世界语 An artificial language based as far as possible on words common to all the KudoZ 
Linguistics English Chinese Medical Translator - Jimmy Deng 
主客關係 Linguistics Yi-Hua Shih 
???? Linguistics Yi-Hua Shih 
十分 (utf-8 encoded) Linguistics Roddy Stegemann 
卫藏 Linguistics Wilman 
健康 Linguistics Roberto Panciera 
所經歷過的事物 Linguistics Jianming Sun 
进士/贡生/生员 Linguistics Jianming Sun 
我的 Linguistics Zong Yang Yu 

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