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Bulgarian: Business/Commerce (general)

Term/concept Contributor
порт Business/Commerce (general) Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva 
приемно-предавателен протокол Business/Commerce (general) Iolanta Vlaykova Paneva 
битови сметки An invoice requesting payment for utilities.
тотален/пълен потребителски опит Business/Commerce (general) Irina Popova 
мениджър производствени дейности Business/Commerce (general) Hemuss 
размер на плащане Business/Commerce (general) hhristina 
прекъсната поръчка Business/Commerce (general) Hemuss 
повикване Business/Commerce (general) Alexander Onishko 
уеб хостинг Business/Commerce (general) Elenka Ganeva 
писмо за намеренията Business/Commerce (general)
ликвидационен дял Business/Commerce (general) tintiri 
Посреднически договор Business/Commerce (general) Irina Popova 
неофициално плащане Business/Commerce (general) Irina Popova 
договорено просрочване Business/Commerce (general) Ivaylo Ivanov 
командитно дружество Business/Commerce (general)Economics Kirsten Schulze 
бизнес сдружение Business/Commerce (general) shabda 
смесено предприятие Business/Commerce (general) shabda 
акционерно дружество Business/Commerce (general) shabda 
смесено дружество Business/Commerce (general) shabda 
сметка An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered

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