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Catalan: Architecture

Term/concept Contributor
absis Part d'una església que s'obre normalment al fons de la nau central, on sol... KudoZ 
arcbotant Arc exterior, característic de l'arquitectura gòtica que transmet part de l... Francesco Moschella 
voltes Estructura arquitectònica corbada que cobreix un espai, forma un sostre, so... mbc 
creu de volta Architecture Martin Perazzo 
filacteris Franja que imita un tros de tela o de pergamí amb els extrems enrotllats, f... xxxAnneM 
bandes llombardes Architecture surfzone 
preracionalista Architecture Lavinia Pirlog 
got de piscina Architecture Maria Asis 
garites Architecture xxxJon Zuber 
sala de visites Architecture xxxJon Zuber 
arcs no visibles Architecture
pati d'escala Architecture xxxJon Zuber 
betum Architecture Francesco Moschella 
trencadís Architecture Lavinia Pirlog 
pati de veïns Architecture xxxJon Zuber 
nau central The central area of a church
façada Cara exterior de la paret d'un edifici.
façana Cara exterior de la paret d'un edifici.
resistir AccountingAgricultureArchitectureAudit = FinanceBanking = FinanceBuilding = ConstructionConstruction / Civil EngineeringContracts = Law: ContractEconomicsEngineering (general)Engineering: Civil = ConstructionEngineering: IndustrialFinance (general)GeologyInsuranceInvestment / SecuritiesLaw (general)Law: Contract(s)Livestock / Animal HusbandryLogistics = TransportMachinery & Tools = MechanicalManagementMathematics & StatisticsMechanics / Mech EngineeringReal EstateScience (general)SurveyingTax = Law: TaxTrains = TransportationTransport / Transportation / Shipping xxxeugenman 

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